The user

One speaks about « Average Joe » or « Jane », one speaks mostly about the user as if it was a real entity. Well, what does one mean with this word? What reality is covered by this word?
I think that we are all an user, it is just a matter of desir and intentionality. In this respect, everybody is concerned whatever his use of an informational system: programing, designing, writing, communicating and so on.
When Linus uses his mouse and points something, this is all that he wants; when he compiles a program this is all that he expects. As well as when he wants to launch a program, get his e-mail or whatever. Sure, if something goes wrong, that could excite him, nonetheless the frustration is the same as for everyone else.

From the developer’s point of view, one cannot tell anything about the end-user but, beside that, it should be good to keep in mind that the developer’s desirs can’t be the same as those of the end-user, unless this one is a developer too.


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