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Command line and GUI

juillet 7, 2006

Command line requires from the user to represent itself the system and it´s like learning a new language. One has mainly to memorize. May be this is why a command line interface doesn´t need so much ressource.

With a graphical interface one has mainly to recognize, the GUI bringing to the user a representation of the system. Hence, one can understand why a graphical interface need more ressource : the effort has been swapped from the user to the computer.

So, one usually says a friendly-user interface for a GUI, but one could say a « user-lazy » interface as well. Moreover, one better has to keep in mind that in most case the human brain is far better than a computer. Simply because the use of a computing device is not always about computing purpose. In this sense, once one get some skill with the command line the benefits of a GUI tend to vanish. But currently, both interfaces are not integrated to get the best of them.