As one can read it in the header.

More exactly, I use a blog to note my ideas for a project of research about the user interface and the informatical devices or means. It´s not especially about PC, though, I think that I will speak mainly about hardware, operating system and software. But the project is open to any kind of device and technology.

There are two major purposes underlying this project. First, one should consider the informatical device and the user as a whole system, that seems to be obvious but in many case the user is an unknow. Second, one speak too easily and wrongly about « information » technologies. In fact a computing device just handles « data », not « information ». The latter is really a data related to a context. Since the user is most of the time an unknow. the user’s context is as well, and worst, it is rather fuzzy than complete.

What will be done under this project ?

Sharing experiences and knowledges from the user side and the development side. Who is still using OS2 or BeOS for example ? At least one can get a demo but this is not the same thing than to live with it. In fact, one can put as a rule that using a given environment is always stupefying: the more one uses it the less one can envisage it differently.

Gathering the technological field and all related studies. This can show up the complexity of the interface between the informatical means and the users since what one calls the « modern » or « postmodern » world relies ever more on it. From the social issue about downloading content to the study about the violence against the PC or about recognition, there is here a lot of thing to be related.

Developing concepts or methods and even code or some demonstrators under the consideration that the user is most likely an unknow. In other word, find the frontier where one starts to think for the user and from there, searching some solutions which let the user decide the best for him. Personnalization is not the real point here, but rather an adaptation of the environment to the user´s context. This could be the purpose of an operating system or a desktop environment with which the user could enter his context and in return the system takes it in account. At a first glance, that doesn´t require some artificial intelligence, but rather some other ways to organize the things. Though, at this point, it´s not just a technical matter but a social one which involves some commitments.

So, any comment is welcomed as well as some correction of my english, which is not my native language.


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