Horizontal files system navigation

Currently, the UI presents the things horizontally or vertically. One tries to invert that to see what can be done.

The files system navigation seems to be a good candidate. The display in columns from OS X is an approach in this sense, however, folders and files of a given directory are still displayed from the top to the bottom. One suggests here to display them from the left to the right as below:

horizontal navigation

The white area is the content of a given directory and such disposition allows the user to expand independantly the folders of this area, thing that one can’t do with the OS X’s approach. In the picture above, the second folder is expanded (in blue) as well as the fourth (in green). In this latter an other folder is expanded (in pink), this is the usual display as list.
Besides the usual navigation tools (back, forward, scrolling bar…) a navigation window seems to be more convenient since one has here a presentation like a map. One could use also the separator lines as grip and move the map in every direction.

This display has the advantage to bring an overview and a representation, like a map, of the archiving. It is as well closed to a spreadsheet since each top folder can be seen as a field, and as well one could split the window as in a spreadsheet, thus, one can compare folders which are too distant between them. In the end one could apply here all the spreadsheet’s functionalities concerning display and maybe more upon the files system itself.


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