Let’s the user getting access to the functionalities

Currently GNOME is flamed about printing dialog, not enough functionalities. Maybe one better has to uncouple the back-end from the front-end.
Let’s say a driver, its functionalities are accessible through a set of keys which differents kind of values (boolean, integer…), something like Gconf. Then, with a GUI-toolkit, the user picks the keys that he needs and figure out graphicaly their values as he wants. By this means, everything being equal, people from GNOME can make their desktop environment as they think it ought to be; if the user disagree, he just has to change it.
No more flames about the printing dialog, just maybe that GNOME requires from the user some extra-works. Even not. If people can also share their customizations, the desktop environment developement will become a matter of back-end. Hence the front-end could be let to the user or to some communities of users.
Sure, my opinion is quite simple, but the technologies developement is better when they are uncoupled.




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