Contextual menu

What could be said about that ? Certainly, the philosophy there, is to give an access by a right-click to some functions that the target don’t present or offer itself. It’s not true under GNOME: the contextual menu of a launcher offers to launch the launcher, action which can be done by a simple click (is it not the function of a launcher?)
Now, what does one put in this utility? The choice could be completely arbitrary indeed. In other words, what is the context here? Well, in fact, there’s nothing really contextual, it’s just a remote control with a selection of functions.
So, one could let the user editing the contextual menu but, since it’s just a remote control, it seems better to provide a personal area like this one:


One puts there what one needs or used to use. Depending the task or the job to do, one gets directly the relevant tools of the software. Not really useful on 15″ screen monitor, but very useful on a 20″ and more. Ok, I’m not sure, but it’s not very new.



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