In Between

This category is created to list the utilities, programs and whatever which could stand between the user and a operating system, or a information system. Some third terms upon which one could enable an user interface a little more closed to the communication scheme.

Calendar, bookmarks, contact and tags these things are the easiest. This is mainly about content and its management, so a content managment system could be this third term.

Well, calendar is different since it is about event through the time but not primarly about content. Nonetheless, when one considers a mailer one has in this case some contents which are tied to some events: awaiting or giving a answer, for example. Further, the event is also an action, more exactly its output, hence, one retrieves here the cybernetic scheme: people have a common goal, they transmit and receive some content, perform some action upon it accordingly to the goal. This implies that content isn’t just a set of data, but can be a call to some action through the time just because there is a common finality. Maybe this is why some mail client present a task manager but this function doesn’t have to belong to the client only because most of these tasks involve somebody else. In this regard the mail notification scheme is more relevant since it gives a feedback about an event/action.

So far, one imagines the user as the person in front of a computer, though one can consequently include the developer as an indirect user. This is the case each time one does a bug report, either through the web or through a bugtracking program. Of course, this purpose is really complexe but it’s just to give the idea: the user is a broad notion.

If one sticks only to the solely user then, some other functions could be stand as a third term. For example the window manager. It’s primarly a service to the programs which are a set of service to the user. The window manager could be a service for the both, a common service. At use there is no difference between a window and an icon, in appearance one does more or less the same things. Maybe each object of a GUI could be a window. Certainly too much work for a single window manager and a poor graphics card, but let’s that aside. The main idea is that the system has to cope with the pixels meanwhile the user has to manage the limited space of the screen. Hence there is here again a common concern.

If you have a look at this post, feel free to comment the kind of thing which could be in between.



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