Web services -follow up

When I considered the web services, I thought that something was missing: a terminal instead of a client, or just a modem. The trend seems to keep the client, though, either reduced to the minimum, either packed with a modem-router.
The first is Linutop. the idea is to provide a tiny and cheap central unit with the mostly used softwares (browser, wordprocessor and viewer). In its concept, the user with such a product could rely on web services to extend its abilities and capacities (storage and additional web applications). Moreover, the product is opened to some other usage (point sale,…etc)
The second, Easy Gate, is rather a rich client, though it is remotely maintained. It’s like the former with more softwares but combined with a dsl router. And yes, it is offered by a ISP included in the subscription fee. Don’t know yet if that runs well, but, despite the client solution, the whole unit is by this way a service.

I would rather like a slave device, something like a network storage, and a remote desktop somewhere.



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