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Nowadays, web-browsers are commodities. The browser is packaged with the OS and one has some alternative browsers at no charge. It’s hard to sustain a buisness in such condition. Moreover, despite the W3C recommendations, each browser renders a given web-page in its own way, as well as each website don’t treat them equally. Hence, I wonder if there’s still a necessity to render a web page completely by the browser? In the principle of the client/server the browser would just have to make the request, though, what will render the HTML page and so on? Well, since the browser market is no more fruitfull and since the webdesigners can’t satisfy every browsers, the client should come from the website accordingly.

Nothing new here, this the way of the remoted application, though, in my mind that should use the current user’s browser without requiring any further installation. I’m thinking here about 0Install and its way to load an application in the system cache. Same thing here with the use of the browser cache; the browser is just a receptacle for some micro-engines which render the web pages. To get the idea, considers that each HTML tag, each JavaScript function, each embedded object is one of these tiny engines; one can’t do less but one could organize more and that could work asynchronously, like AJAX. Certainly the hardiest task will be to correlate all these engines between them.

Anyway, if that could be achieved the economic would be renewed on the server side. Here again, nothing new in regard to Flash or Shockwave, their economic is based on the developer side, not on the user side. Same thing here, webdesigners could have the tools of their choice, Open source or proprietary, with a better control upon their websites, relatively to the client. In the end, the user won’t have to bother about his browser, excepted for some security issue.

In other words, since there’s nothing to earn anymore in the web-browser buisness, let’s the webdesigners controlling the browser. Sure, as any application, these micro-engines should be developed for the most current platforms, but that is what the Open source community can afford to do. So, it could be good.



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