Keyboard layout and deceptive GUI

I have buyed a PC in Germany with a QWERTZU keyboard, though I rather like the AZERTY keyboard. And since this PC was a refund from a German school, his keyboard wasn’t in a good state. Unfortunately I didn’t have found an AZERTY keyboard until today, so I had installed Ubuntu with the original keyboard, hence, the German layout is the default setting.

Today, I wanted that Ubuntu catches my new keyboard. I was in the same situation with my Fedora Core 1 some time ago, but Fedora had detected the change itself. So I expected the same magic with Ubuntu but it wasn’t. Hopefully the preferences setting has everything for that, as shown below (in French)


I’ve tried almost everything: removing the German layout, setting as default my layout, keeping the both and playing with their order. I’ve restarted several times, I’ve even put the corresponding applet in the menu bar. Nothing until I look in Gconf. There, I unchecked the OverrideSetting key’s box and everything works. So, why an interface for a set of purposes is provided if it depends to an other interface ? May be it’s a bug, that wasn’t the intention of the Gnome’s developers, I don’t know. But it could be an undocumented point as well, something which would better have been mentionned in the GUI. Sure, that gives the feeling of a slapdash work, but it’s better than letting the user disappointed. Otherwise, the GUI is deceptive. The things go in the same way with the applet. As shown below, the « Fra » means that the French layout is selected and active.

Well, not exactly. Once again that depends to the layout order as one can see in the first picture. One changes the order with the up and down arrows but what’s the logic here ? is it to set a kind of priority ? If yes, does it start at the top or the bottom ? I’ve just noticed that if one puts the French layout at top, the applet works wrong side up: « Fra » actives the German layout indeed.

What I See Is What I Get, I know that this concept is about printing and output but one can extend it about GUI: I see or select « Fra » and I « get » the French keyboard layout. And that doesn’t even work if the OverrideSetting key is turn on, of course.



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